Fashion Weekend Shopping in Bournemouth

You’ve been arranging it for weeks, you’ve treated yourself to a lovely room in a hotel, now all you need to know is where to shop. If I might be so presumptuous let me guide you round some of the shop spots of trendy Bournemouth.

Binnucci can be found on the Westover Road near the Pavilion. It’s a gorgeous outfit with designer names such as Mamut, Picadilly, and Hauber are just some of the fantastic labels. The staff are really friendly and will help you out if you need style advice or for the simple things like ‘does my bum look big in this’. There are also wonderful accessories from brands such as Esino which are to die for.

Haus is probably one of the most well known and fashionable names in womens fashion in the Bournemouth area with its gorgeous house label of Femme fatale. During the Miss Universe competition, Miss Great Britain is alleged to have worn some of the Haus dresses. You will also find dresses made exclusively for Haus by designer brands such as French Connection. For those ladies who feel the need to hit some of the high profile clubs in Bournemouth there are edgy pieces from Fever.

Monsoon With its beautiful earth colors allow you to choose colors that work with your skin and hair tones rather than against them. The cut of the clothing gives it a sensual quality that flatters the form and makes you feel 150%. The clothes are a really well made, but as gorgeous things so often are you have to pay a premium for them. What I would suggest is if you need them now go for it as you are buying quality. But if you can let the money burn in your pocket a little longer wait till the sales (though you are then not necessarily going to get that blouse you had your eye on).

With an entrance on Bournemouth’s fashionable St. Peter’s Walk, River Island Carries some of the best own brand clothes in the area. This years range is sharp without the purse strings being to severely cut. The clothing is made well and to last rather than some of the fashion labels that believe your only going to wear it once rather than circulate it around your wardrobe.

Roberta store in Bournemouth The upper store, which is a smallish place located near the Royal Bath Hotel, Has some of the very classy labels and lines such as Armani, Gerard Darel, and Max Mara. The lower store is located on the other end of Westover and is geared towards a younger clientele seeking trendier brand names like Versace, Maura, and Perla. The fact is if you know what shapes suit you a blend of clothing from across every line can be used to make your wardrobe flourish.

Woodsite leisure ltd specializes in original German, French, and Italian fashions. The store is near the end of Westover Road. There are knitted jumpers by Nitya, cardigans by Olsen, handbags by Avion, and gloves by Amavio. The finer fashions are normally located upstairs, while the lower level is home to the the more everyday Italian wear.

Springtime Fashion Trends

Although it may not feel like it, spring is upon us and with the new season comes a new range of fashion trends to grace our wardrobes. The good weather is still interspersed with hail and snow showers, but on those days when the sun does come out, it’s a prime opportunity to look good.

Because of the cold weather a winter coat is still essential, but other clothes can lose their heaviness so that when the sun shines you won’t be too hot. Brighter colours are coming into the shops, although at the moment the full summer ranges aren’t available. Instead we see a hangover of winter-wear, and if you want a winter bargain now’s the time to find it.

For a spring look knee-length skirts are the way to go. Wear them with tights to keep warm but take advantage of the improving weather to show off a pair of killer shoes. A blouse and a long coat complete a sophisticated, seasonal look. Layering is absolutely key; you can combine colours and keep cosy.

For the night-time it’s not yet warm enough for summer dresses, and party season is over so stunning frocks aren’t really appropriate either. Trousers and a halterneck top are more suitable for the season, and you can spice any outfit up with your accessories.

There’s a great range of bags coming into the shops, again in the new season’s colours. Sparkles are out and the beach-look is in, so go for bright colours and bold patterns. Sunglasses can make a whole outfit look summery, and for a whole now big frames have been all the rage. These don’t have to cost a fortune; they can be picked up at most high-street shops, although for a perfect fit you may have to pay more.

Gloves are out and jewellery is in. Try beaded bracelets of shell and glass to get a springtime look, and show them off on bare arms. Three-quarter length sleeves are great for this as you stay warm and get to show off a little flesh to. Big, chunky rings in primary colours are perfect for the season, and long charm necklaces look great. Because party season’s over diamante necklaces are out, and sparkle should be avoided, especially in the daytime.

Hats are still a fashion must, but winter hats are obvious and should be avoided. Try baker-boys and berets instead, and don’t go for knitted items. There are plenty of soft felts or cottons that aren’t so warm and don’t look like they belong in a blizzard. Again, choose bright colours and patterns to make a statement.

If you can’t find accessories in the high street shops, check out eBay for last season’s fashions. Brand new items can often be picked up at a fraction of their real price and you’ll find things that are perfect for the turning weather. A lot of these items can be worn into summer; the trick is to layer them and lose the layers as the weather improves.

Custom Made Jeans Accessories

What is the biggest advantage of made to measure jeans? It’s very simple: they are timeless. And you can wear them with practically everything. The times when jeans were considered as clothes for leisure only or workers’ uniform are gone with the wind. Today customized denim is becoming fashionable.

For example, fashionable jeans can be found in the collection by Rubin Chapelle which was recently presented in New York. “192 Doves” line created by designers Sonya Rubin and Kip Chapelle includes jeans with exclusive embroidery, patch pockets made from bandana fabric as well as elements which can be unbuttoned. Interesting silhouettes, visually creating longer legs, are also typical for this collection. Such original jeans cost about $180 to $400, but are well worth that money. The colors of Rubin Chapelle jeans are classical black and summer white.

Jean-Paul Gaultier presents his version of classical custom tailored jeans Levi’s 501 with typical details – sailor’s stripes and belts. Spring-summer 2010 collection by this famous couturier also includes classical denim jackets. Jeans-Paul Gaultier claims to be a fan of Levi’s style and that is why he decided to interpret it in the new season. He calls his new collection made in red, gray and blue colors an implementation of American dream. Levi’s 501 is a legendary Getwear custom jeans model which is manufactured since 1947 from 100% cotton and in the world of fashion stands for individuality, originality and youth. The new interpretation presents a stylish combination of denim with elegant clothes items. Sailor’s stripes can be found on turned over trouser legs of jeans as well as on the seams of jeans and jeans shorts. The main idea is to put an accent on the color and quality of denim with the use of red stitching and present classical models with original cut and facture.

But most beautiful proof of the fact jeans have become stylish is that fashionable couturiers not only design jeans, but also present magnificent accessories made from denim.

Be it boots or sandals, shoulder bags or stylish clutches, in dark midnight blue color or stonewashed – the blue fabric is clearly present in the whole palette of accessories in the collections of the coming season. That is why every fashion-lover should have his or her personalized jeans accessories in his or her wardrobe for the coming spring-summer 2010 season. And this concerns you as well! Don’t miss the opportunity to finally grasp a cool trend directly from the catwalk! We are all tired of hearing that catwalk fashion looks good only on skinny models with the height of 1,80 meters and, moreover, such creation are hardly imaginable outside showrooms from practical and pragmatical point of view. So let us put an end to these talks and lamentations and finally wear custom jeans trends ourselves! What are you waiting for?

And, since we’ve started speaking about skinny models, some of them love vintage jeans. For example, Kate Moss can not imagine her outfits without a jeans pair, which in the 1960s used to belong to Keith Richards from The Rolling Stones. Kate Moss says she never throws her clothes away and especially loves black tailor jeans given to her by Keith Richards, who bought them in Brazil in 1969. Kate is still wearing them, because these jeans sit gorgeously.

A Stylish and Professional Accessory

Leather handbags have become less of a luxury item now-a-days and have become a universal accessory for women, who follow an ever changing fashion trend. With an increased demand for leather handbags, designers have to be able to create impressive and attractive products that meet the needs of the current trend. This involves predicting what their products are most likely going to be associated with. For example customers accessorise leather handbags with suits and smart-wear in order to provide an aura of professionalism. A common theory is that if you are dressed in smart and professional attire then you are going to feel more professional which improves productivity.

It is imperative that people are able to feel comfortable in what they wear because this then reflects upon their outlook on life. It is an important aspect of society that people are able to follow a fashion trend, which acts in a way to bring the population together. There are many different types of fashion trends which attract and repel certain customers. Choosing the right attire to wear can sometimes be a massive problem for everyone. If you wear clothing that is not regarded as ‘fashionable’, this can greatly impact your outlook in a negative way since you may assume that society will look at you differently. However people dress according to their personal preferences and the society of people that they interact with which usually eliminates the possibility of being excluded.

Whilst shopping for clothes, it is important to take into consideration your personal style and preferences. There are many different styles to choose from and picking the one that will suit you can be a very daunting task. With the current fashion leaning towards leather handbags, retailers are quickly trying to stock as many as possible before the trend changes. The elegance and functionality of leather handbags make them very practical for every-day use however new designs are required so that there is a lot of differentiation in the market. You don’t need to have a wardrobe full of choices in order to have an appealing look. All that needs to be done is that you take the time to know what will suit you and what you may need. This is a concept that may be slightly challenging for some women to be able to grasp (and some men). As is the case with many women (not all) they want a massive range of choice so that they are able to choose which handbag they want to use, depending on the social situation and the weather.

This just reinforces the fact that there needs to be a massive range of choice in fashion so that you are not wearing anything that anyone you know may have, but at the same time you look cool, collected and sophisticated. Whether you are a business woman or just wanting to look great when you go out, it seems that leather handbags have become stylish accessories that make you proud to be seen in public.

The Most Important Fashion Accessory

People today do many things to look fashionable. They use different types of accessories like sunglasses, which help you in protecting your eyes from sun and dust, and also gives you a stylish look. These are a basic necessity and if you search every single individual has couple of styles of sunglasses, in their wardrobe. Sunglasses main role is to protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. It is very much recommended to wear sunglasses to protect your delicate eyes from the unsafe rays of the sun just like you protect your skin.

Ultraviolet rays of the sun contain mainly three bands like UVA, UVB and UVC. From these three, UVB is very dangerous for your eyes and skin, they may result in cataracts as well, so it is recommended to save your eyes from the sun. UVA and UVC both are not so harmful and doesn’t not affect the person much. So always check before buying sunglasses that it contains at least ninety-eight percent UVA and UVB protection which guarantees you protection. Eyes are very delicate and doctors always suggest people to buy some good sunglasses which will help you in protecting your eyes from the suns rays.

Sunglasses are available in different designs, styles and colors, so that every person can choose them as per his choice. Shopping for sunglasses are important for every person, so choose from discount sunglasses, designer sunglasses, prescription sunglasses, replica sunglasses, children’s sunglasses or sports sunglasses, to list the types of sunglasses is never-ending. Many variety and brands are available on the market and online. You can buy them from any of these markets. Online provides various discounts on the purchase of every branded sunglasses. They also provide convenience also, as you can select and buy them easily by just sitting at home with just a few clicks. Online can facilitate you with a price comparison factor with other branded sunglasses.

Style Up a Bit With Watch Accessories

There are many different brands of watches just as there are different levels of quality and styles. Even pocket watches are still made with craftsmanship and style. It’s a matter of what style is the most suitable for you. Your style as well as your lifestyle have to guide you in the selection of a watch.

Of course the styles that are on display will be the first, and maybe primary, focus in

There are so many different types of watches. A brief visit to a few jewelry or watch shops will alert you that this may not be an easy process. There are many different brands of watches just as there are different levels of quality and styles. Even pocket watches are still made with craftsmanship and style. It’s a matter of what style is the most suitable for you. Your style as well as your lifestyle have to guide you in the selection of a watch.

Of course the styles that are on display will be the first, and maybe primary, focus in your choice. The other concerns should include the place this timepiece will be used (at work or at the opera) as well as the size of the piece and how it looks on your person. It has to be in proportion to you and flatter your clothing.

Sometimes watches are really silly… a 3 carat diamond wristwatch with a face so small it requires a 10x glass to tell the time, but we don’t need a diver’s watch to wear with a tuxedo either. Many people have at least 2 timepieces, one for everyday work and town shopping; another to wear to a dressier occasion.

Most people think only of the jewelry store or the mass marketing stores as places to buy a timepiece. But don’t restrict yourself, especially if you are looking for the ‘special’ watch. Go to antique and thrift shops, visit auction houses and pawn shops. Most people have two ‘good’ watches that cost over one hundred dollars. Try to find a watch you will love forever. It’s really more than just something to tell the time!

Some watches have bands that are designed like bracelets and the band that comes with the watch was designed for it. Many watches have disposable bands so you can see the watch on your arm with no distraction, then select a band that fits the watch, pleases your sense of design and fits you as far as size, weight, width and even the type of closure used. Most bands can be adjusted to fit your wrist.

One thing that hasn’t been mentioned is the decision to go with the traditional analog face display or the modern digital display. The style of the display is going to be appropriate for the size and style of the watch face and blend in with the band.

Selecting Durable Fashion Handbags

Handbags are among the most important fashion accessories of women. They shop for a favorite handbag for a specific reason, but what’s the first thing they consider when choosing one?Most probably it is the style or design that you are often watch out for. Additionally, it is important to choose a handbag in color that match most of your wardrobes.

Certainly, the color and design are among the important deciding factors when shopping a handbag. However, what gives a lot of weight on most women when choosing a beautiful handbag is the brand. Carrying a branded bag gives you pride and confidence, and chances are you will going to brag it to your friends and loved ones. Your designer handbag will also give other an impression that you have a good taste when it comes to fashion.

When you are shopping for a new bag, aside from opting for one that has a gorgeous design, opt for a durable bag as well. Don’t just easily go straight ahead to the counter and give your dollar. Before you do that, examine the accessory first. Check the color and brand, and then continue to examine the small details such as the buttons, latches, pockets, and other small compartments. If it has buttons, they should be tightly attached.

If the bag has a zipper, examine it as well. To make sure that it is working, try to close the bag and then open it again. Repeat it for a couple times to make sure that they use a good quality of zipper on bag and it zips smoothly. If the zipper seems to snag after trying it or doesn’t close properly, then leave the bag behind and look for another one. It’s not worth paying and carrying for since it doesn’t give you an assurance to keep your belongings hidden and secured, and even more important if your intention is to use that bag to carry some precious stuff that may fall out if the bag is always wide open.

Examine the stitches as well. Typically, handbags are constructed through stitching all parts together. You want to make sure that your chosen is reliable, so what you will need to do is to thoroughly check how it was stitched. Usually, the in and out of the bag will show threads but the surface thread must be properly cut. Also, there are some manufacturers that use glue to put some parts of the bags together. So what you will also need to do is to check that out, because there are instances that bags aren’t glued well. Often, gluing is applied when attaching the strap to the bag and since the strap has a very important role in carrying your belongings, to check that it was ideally structured to the bag, you want to pull it gently from the bag. Additionally, the strap should feature durability, which includes high quality of thread stitching and excellent finish.

Today, shopping for fashion bags can be done online. There are lots of websites that offer a wide variety of bags and purses for different occasions and purposes. You can find personalized bags on the Internet as well, which are great to give as gifts for friends and moms. There are also more practical bags such as cosmetic bags, travel totes, laptop bags, backpacks, and gym bags that can also be personalized with your name or initials.