Gold Clothes and Accessories

One of the attractions of gold, which made from it the metal of choice for fashion (expressed either in clothes or accessories), is that it is indisputably eye-catching. While it is true that not all that glitters is gold, gold does glitter, being at the same time genuinely precious. Whereas substitutes may seem however fine to get the same impressive effect on the others’ senses, the person who wears the clothes or accessories knows they are ‘fake’, therefore their self-image has to suffer. On the other hand, it is well known that even if worn for appearances, gold clothing or accessories are the expression of status, indicating wealth – a value gold stands primarily for.

Apart from precious stones, people have always used gold for royalty garments or accessories (the crucial one, the crown, being itself an accessory) exactly for its lavish opulence significance. People perceived wealth and power as being so intricate that to dismantle their web seemed to be impossible.

Besides being used for their connotations of wealth and power, gold clothing and accessories are being bought today rather on a small scale, piecemeal so to speak. Except for their ‘sectarian’ use in high fashion, leading haute-couture designers having gold collections every now and then, retailers use gold for special occasions (anniversaries, babies’ introduction to the realm of jewelry earrings, etc.). It is also used for just a touch of wealth in everyday life (gold buttons, gold chains or gold belt buckles), the old or up scale opulence being replaced by just a hint of wealth or status.

While the westernized view on gold usage for clothing and accessories may be rather discreet and restricted to occasions or small tokens of the status, everything changes when traveling to exotic Eastern locations where gold jewelry bargaining and shopping add a value to the items themselves in terms of experience and pleasure. Who would miss the Covered Bazaar in Istanbul, for instance, a true palace of gold, stunning the eye properly speaking from all the angles? While there, even if not buying a thing, you realize that besides wealth, uniqueness or fashion, gold means beauty, and that is why people prefer it when dressing or accessorizing.

After all, we may use some other material that glitters, or stuns the eye, but the twofold quality of gold of being beautiful and at the same time precious, impressing thus both senses and judgment is what makes it the best choice for expressing yourself as fashionable, wealthy important or special.