How to Shop For Designer Women Jeans

For a majority of women, incorporating designer printed jeans into their wardrobe can be an overwhelming step to take. The best way to deal with this is to start with subtle prints instead of choosing a brightly printed pair of designer women jeans. A tone-on-tone pattern may offer a better option. Furthermore, women should consider factors like color palette and fit of the jeans. Any accessories may be added, but this is after carefully considering how well the accessories match or compliment the printed jeans.


The rules that apply to denim apply to printed jeans – women should opt for styles that flatter their strong areas. Fit is particularly important with regard designer printed jeans because the eyes are often drawn to the patterns and ultimately the wearer. The right fit is necessary and avoids accentuating trouble areas. Furthermore, it helps to avoid the negative look that ill-fitting clothes create. Women who have a more hourglass shaped should avoid jeans with flap pockets and lower rises.

Color palette

In order to avoid a costume-like appearance, women should keep consistent color palettes in both the jeans and the top. When wearing printed designer jeans they should choose neutral colors, like tan and white to avoid overshadowing the print. For a bolder statement one or two colors can be selected, regardless whether they are prominent colors or not. An extremely fashion forward woman can combine 2 prints, but this might be a bold choice that is not suitable to everyone.


When choosing accessories to wear together with printed designer jeans, it is advisable to choose colors appearing on the jeans. A woman should choose one of the less featured colors and draw it with a handbag or shoes in that color. Jewelry should offer some contrast to the print which has been selected. For example, a more feminine print, like a floral print could be well completed by angular, metallic earrings, while an edgier print can be paired with a soft jewelry choice.


Women do not have to alter their entire style to fit a trend. Instead they should allow a trend to fit into their personal style because fashion should be easy and fun, not forced. Printed designer jeans can be incorporated into a woman’s personal style. They are well completed with blouses and heels for a more appealing and feminine look. The pair of jeans can also be paired well with a blazer. Neutral colored cardigans could also match well with bolder printed jeans. Both flats and heels can complement this style.