Men’s Fashion Pearl Jewelry and Accessories

While at first it may sound unusual that a man would wear pearls it is considerably more common than one might initially think.

Many years ago it was not uncommon for male royalty to wear pearls, the Prince of Dholphur appears in a famous portrait donning not one, not two but an astounding 14 strands of pearls around his neck.

Men who chose to wear a pearl necklace are not common in America, but they do exist. The necklaces I am talking about are not the traditional feminine strand of pearls, but instead are found with leather ties to replace the golden clasps.

In the past males wore pearls to symbolize power and nobility. The more pearls a man had around his neck, the larger they were, the more impressive, the more important the man must be.

In other cultures males did not wear pearls on necklaces, but instead their kings wore crowns with so many of the precious gems in them they practically glowed. The official crown of England is one such crown, although currently it is worn by Queen Elizabeth II. Pearls are so popular with the royal family in fact that Buckingham Palace actually has it’s very own pearl shop.

Is it not only England in which the current royal family values pearls so highly, in fact the crown of Iran has masses upon masses of pearls encrusted within it. It is so impressive that National Geographic did an entire story on it, along with pictures of the impressive adornment.

Pearls on men might be somewhat of a rarity, but they have always had a place throughout history and will continue to sit atop the heads of royalty for many decades, even centuries to come.