Stylish and Functional Winterwear

Winter wear incorporates some of the latest trends in fashion. So you can keep warm and still look chic and fashionable this winter. Like other seasons, winter offers every opportunity to experiment around with your clothing. The colors of the season usually reds, grays, blacks, dark purples, brows, chocolates, and rich plum. Winter is for dressing smart and looking cool and feeling comfortable and cozy inside. Unlike popular belief you can actually look beautiful and attractive if you can pick the right set of clothes, colors and combinations.

Jackets and coats are definitely must-haves for this winter. They are versatile and you can actually pair them off with anything for a professional and chic look. Denims have always been popular and they make great winter wear as the fabric helps to keep you warm and at the same time lets you sport a stylish look. Bright color skirts and cardigans with floral or animal prints look great together. You can create an eclectic effect with a knitted floral top and dark color skirt or trousers.

There are many choices available in jackets and coats. Winter is the best season for the layered look. You can buy jackets that have multiple layers and preferable ones with fur in the innermost layer. Vests are also great alternatives for layering. You can just toss them over the typical sweaters to keep your limbs covered and core toasty.

The collar styles in coats are varied and can add class or style if chosen right. Coats that have a high collar are the very stylish and functional. But when shopping for winter, it is always better to go with jackets and coats that have an insulated lining which helps to keep your body warm. Some coats include Thinsulate, which you can remove when the temperature warms up.

Hats, scarves and shoes are some of the accessories that come in handy in winter. Scarves are mainly used to add style and protect the neck, one of the primary places the body releases heat. Tall boots are just perfect for the chilly weather whereas rubber boots are perfect when the snow melts and the ground is still wet. A fun knit hat or luxe glove can go a long way in expressing your personal style.