The Best Clothing Accessories For Men

Most men hate shopping; at least for clothes. It is pure torture. So we have no resistance to someone making those episodes far and few in between. Your female counterpart, who loves to shop, has much frustration trying to get you to liven up your wardrobe. However, following one simple rule can give both of you satisfaction in the shopping arena. That rule is: less is more. It is widely known within fashion circles that the best way to revitalize a look is with accessories. A man’s closet can benefit from those minuscule wonders as well as a woman’s. Follow along as we work together to give your wardrobe a facelift.

The first step in deciding what to include with this makeover is who are you dressing for. If it is just for your personal satisfaction, it calls for one way. If you are trying to impress others, you may want to try something totally different. Right out of the gate, you want to spend some time reviewing your clothing inventory. It is not out of the way to take each item out of the closet and lay it on the bed or hang it on something to get a better picture of what you are working with. You may find that mixing tops and bottoms from different outfits create a look that is pleasing. Once that is done, you can go about choosing your accessories.

Start with your most popular dress style. If you are a casual kind of guy, then look for accessories that enhance that look. Something as small as a lapel pin on the collar of your shirt will make a huge impact. Men wearing ear rings is widely accepted now. Most designs don’t blend with the skin tone. In order to stand out they contrast the gem and metal color. Likewise, a lapel pin with a bright stone or metal against a soft color will bring newness to any basic shirt. Another item is a tie. Yes, the tie is carving a strong presence in the casual world. There are ties that are made just for such wardrobes. In keeping with the leisure look, you don’t want to cinch it up to your neck as you would with a suit. You want to let it hang just below second button. If you find it difficult to let it all hang loose like that with your ties, then consider investing an ascot. It is the grandfather of ties, but it easily lends itself to the casual scene. The best for you is that it can be worn close to the neck just how you like it. It is also worn as a scarf.

Speaking of scarves, the old air plane pilot style of draping a scarf over your shoulders with one hanging to the front on one side while the other hangs toward the back on the other side never went out of style. Though it is not seen much, it doesn’t cause stares when it is seen. Don’t forget about handkerchiefs. They are no longer reserved just for blowing your nose and then returned to your pocket. Believe it or not, some bold souls are using them as shoe laces in their hi tops and flats. With the gender boundaries being challenged and erased, it opening up new styling cues. A less daring but equally stylish move it letting corner of the handkerchief hang out of your pocket about four inches. Who knew that insignificant items like ties, lapel pins, scarves and handkerchiefs could do so much in the way of bringing life back into a drab dress code.