Types and Styles of Designer Handbags

Designer bags never wane when it comes to popularity and they are very practical since women can carry their important belongings along with them. It is most likely one of the most important parts of a woman’s wardrobe and most women have an obsession for owning a variety of styles of handbags.

Tote Bag

This bag was originally designed to make shopping a lot easier for women. It is one of the popular choices in handbags for women who are on the go. The straps of the designer tote can usually be adjusted so that it always has the right length when draped over the shoulder. There are different types of closures which include either a zipper or a flap. This makes the tote style bag very stylish as well as practical for women on the go.

Shoulder Bag

Perhaps the shoulder-bag style is one of the most popular choices of women today. The design may include either a single strap or a double strap. This bag is designed in a way that ensures the strap is long enough to use to carry the bag on the shoulder. There are different sizes, shapes and materials used for the designer shoulder bag with the primary focus being styles that offer the perfect balance between function and fashion.

Hobo Bag

The shape of a hobo designer bag is typically a crescent. It is designed with this shape so that it is easy to carry and lies nicely against the body when it is worn over the shoulder. The hobo bag is typically made of a single roomy compartment which zips closed. This type of designer handbag is a favorite since they are so easy to carry and look stylish for almost any occasion.

Clutch Bag

This small-sized handbag has continued to be among women’s favorites over the years. It is typically used when a woman only needs to carry a few essential items. The stylish clutch bag is a standard accessory which is carried to go with an evening gown or other formal attire. The small and longer shape makes it easy for women to grip and hold. In most cases, there is no handle and the designer bag is simply clutched and carried along, hence the name “clutch bag.

Wristlet Bags

A wristlet designer bag is similar to the clutch style bag, but it has a small strap on one end. This style is designed for the woman to attach the handbag to her wrist using the small strap. This allows the purse to stay safe while allowing the woman to move about freely with the purse conveniently hung on her wrist.